New Generation of High-Bay LED Lights

Aeonovalite is a new startup company that reinvent a new cooling technology for industrial high bay lighting. I worked with them on branding, website design and development and product video.

Live Site

Product Introduction Video

With the basic 3D models provided by their technicians, I was able to create high quality rendering and animation with Cinema 4D and After Effect. Working with an experienced editor, we were able to piece together a professional intro video for their product

Website Design & Development

Website was developed in Wordpress based on Jupiter theme. I was working heavily with visual composer, different plugins and CSS customization to achieve the desired look and feel and functionality. I also took care of most of the key visuals/composites on the site.

Tradeshow Booth

As a brand new company, they participated in Strategies in Light, one of the biggest conference in lighting industry. I was part of the team who put together the booth design and created high quality assets for production.